• We will be relationship-driven, providing services that meet or exceed member expectations.
  • We will pursue, develop, and nurture mutually beneficial relationships with members, employees, and other business partners.
  • We will foster teamwork, open, productive cooperation and communication internally, as well as with external business partners.
  • SunCorp will provide a professional working environment based on trust, dependability, consideration, enjoyment, and a mutual support among all staff levels.


  • We will demonstrate the organization’s values and conduct business in a manner that is honest and forthright.
  • We will consider all relevant risks and make decisions based on the organization’s long-term best interest, balancing safety and soundness with strong business management.
  • We will keep our commitments regarding the products, processes, and service we deliver.


  • We will seek to anticipate and understand the needs of our members, providing products and services that reflect the people-helping-people philosophy of the credit union movement.
  • We will be a premier financial service institution, whose mission is to provide superior levels of service to our members.
  • We will remember that superior service is not just for our members but also for our internal staff. We will strive to provide quality service internally as well.


  • We will expect excellent performance from ourselves and our business partners in the delivery of timely, innovative, and exceptional levels of service to our member-owners.
  • SunCorp will attract and retain staff committed to pursuing excellence.
  • SunCorp will continually assess the environment, anticipate the future, and strategically plan and deliver innovative products and services for the benefit of our membership, remembering that our members’ success is our success.

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