SunCorp is the Cooperative Solution for Credit Unions in the West

Resources for CEOs, CFOs, COOs, and Boards of Directors:

For All:
-SunCorp's Member Service Makes the Difference
-SunCorp Cooperative Solution Brochure
-Recreate a Miracle by Richard M. Johnson
-Decision to Recapitalize SunCorp -  A Member's Perspective
-SunCorp Frequently Asked Questions
For Boards of Directors:
-SunCorp Business Plan Summary
-Summary of New SunCorp Business Plan (9-min. PodCast)
For CEOs:
-SunCorp Business Plan
-SunCorp Business Plan Summary
-Legacy Asset Disposition Plan
-2011 Audited Financial Statements
-Private Offering Memorandum for PCC
-Summary of New SunCorp Business Plan (9-min. PodCast)

For CFOs and COOs:
-SunCorp Business Plan
-Legacy Asset Disposition Plan
-NCUA Payment Services Checklist (Helps Answer NCUA Questionnaire)
-2011 Audited Financial Statements
Dale B. Springer
People's Choice
Federal Credit Union
Lincoln, Nebraska
"We are very satisfied with the full array of products and services that are available from SunCorp. In addition, we look forward to utilizing SunCorp's resources to help us provide our membership with the opportunity for additional financial services in the future. SunCorp is truly a partner in the success of our credit union."

To access these resources, click the link or email a Business Development Officer.


Joining SunCorp is easy. Simply follow these three steps to start enjoying the benefits of SunCorp membership:

  1. Complete the Capital Investment Documents to make your Capital Investment;
  2. Complete the Membership Application and the Authorized Signature Form;
  3. Complete the Funds Transfer Authorization Form and the Funds Transfer Security Procedure Addendum.

Call us toll-free at 1.877.786.2677 or send us an e-mail today to find out more information on how to join!