Frequently asked questions for ACH

  1. I returned something by accident can you stop it?
    1. Has it been submitted all the way through?
      • If the answer is YES it has been submitted all the way we CANNOT stop it. You can use the First Eight digits of the trace number in the ABA Lookup under the ACH button to find the phone number for the bank. You can call the bank, let them know it was returned in error and ask them to resubmit. (The ONLY exception to this is if the file has suspended. If it has suspended we can reject the file, but the remaining items on the file, if there are any, will need to be re-entered and submitted.)
      • If the answer is NO, you can go into ACH, Modify Batch, search for the batch under the day you created the return, select ONLY the item you do not want to send and click on delete at the bottom of the page.
  2. I am trying to do a derived return that came in within the last two weeks, but when I put in the trace number it says no item found.
    1. Go back and do a search on the derived processing screen with a date range that includes at least a week’s worth of history. Most frequently these will be govt. payments such as Social Security, VA Benefits, etc. These are originated up to a week in advance sometimes and the system pulls by the date it goes into the system.
  3. How do I get information about a company for a member?
    1. You can use the first 8 digits of the trace number to look up the bank information. You will need to go into APEX, ACH, ABA Lookup and then enter those first 8 digits into the transit routing number field and click on SEARCH. (You MUST click on search and not press enter because “enter” will bring up a blank screen or dozens of entries.) This will bring up the bank name. If you click on the orange box next to the name it will take you to a screen with the phone number of the bank. If you call the bank the bank will give you a phone number to give to your member to call. Most likely that company will not give you any information directly.
  4. I got “kicked out” of APEX in the middle of a transaction and now it says I’m still logged on.
    1. There are three choices here:
      • Your security admin can log you off
      • You can wait 15 minutes for the system to log you off and then sign in again
      • A SunCorp Member Service Representative can log you off
  5. Can I get a copy of a check that my member wrote that was turned into an ACH?
    1. The originator of the item should have the copy of the paper check. All that we can see is the electronic information. Example: The member writes a check to JC Penney for a bill payment. They mail the check to JC Penney and JC Penney turns it into an ACH item or an ARC entry. JC Penney is required to keep the copy of the paper item. The member will need to contact JC Penney.