SunCorp’s Online Learning Center allows you to have full access to a wide range of educational opportunities for your credit union employees.

The Online Learning Center allows you to click on a topic to learn more about it. You can then register for the course directly and download all course materials ahead of time for reference.

You will receive e-mail notification confirming your registration and a reminder about the class 24 hours before it starts.

If you are interested in training, but find it difficult to fit a live webinar into your schedule, consider taking advantage of an On Demand training session. These are prerecorded courses available to view and listen to when it is convenient for you. You can find a complete list of all courses and their course number by clicking on “000 Index Listing of all (On Demand) Recorded Sessions.”

To participate in a recorded session, simply click on the “Recorded Sessions” link under the “Attend a Session” menu. Recorded sessions are organized by session number making it easier to find the exact course you are looking for. Click on the session you are interested in and then click on view to begin the session.

If your credit union is interested in customized training, SunCorp is willing to work with you to find a program that fits your needs.

If you have any questions, please contact Ed Beck at 877.786.2677, x4648 or e-mail

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