SunCorp's Funds Transfer services provide your credit union with a safe and secure way to move money anywhere in the world. Whether for your members or your credit union's investment needs, SunCorp has a product that is right for you.

Below is a brief summary of the Funds Transfer services offered. Our member service professionals are available to help you determine which product is best suited to your specific needs. They can be reached by phone at 1.877.786.2677 or e-mail.

Please note that SunCorp cannot accept funds transfer requests sent by e-mail since security codes cannot be verified through this method.

Inter-Account Transfers
An Inter-Account Transfer is one that allows your credit union to manage funds and transfer credit union dollars within your credit union's Corporate accounts. Transfers can be made between any of your credit union's accounts at SunCorp as well as between your sub-accounts which include the Cash Management Account, Money Market Account and the Corporate Settlement Account.

Corporate In-House Transfers
Corporate In-House Transfers provide easy and free funds transfer from one SunCorp member credit union to another.

Wire Transfers
A "wire transfer" allows the movement of funds from one financial institution to another through the Federal Reserve System for immediate credit. As an "on-line" institution, SunCorp can send or receive funds on behalf of credit unions or their members. Wire transfers settle through your credit union's Cash Management Account at SunCorp.

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Check Deposits and Withdrawals
SunCorp makes it easy for credit unions to make a deposit or withdrawal to or from their Corporate account in the form of a check. A basic means of transferring money, deposited funds are drawn on a credit union's behalf, from another institution, as funds for withdrawal are drawn upon SunCorp and made payable to the requesting credit union.

Western Union Quick Cash
Through Western Union Quick Cash, SunCorp allows credit unions to offer their members a funds transfer service that is safe, easy-to-use and reasonably priced.