Image Connect allows your credit union to..

  • Improve internal operations for research, signature verification, pay/no pay decision making, suspect account tracking and large dollar review.

  • Resolve members' transaction questions regarding statements or photocopies on site with a decrease in the overall turnaround time for requests.

  • Retrieve images around the clock as the internet is not limited to SunCorp's hours of operations.

  • Place user-defined inquiries based on various search criteria including the account number, check number, transmission date, dollar amount, and sequence or tracer number.

  • Generate fee income opportunities and competitive differentiation.

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Image Connect HB allows your credit union to..

  • Connect your home banking application to SunCorp's imaging system with a link written by your credit union's home banking product vendor.

  • Provide members the ability to print and view images of cleared share drafts, as far back as one year, directly from your credit union's web site.

  • Indirectly service members' statement, transaction and photocopy requests in the quick and timely manner expected.

  • Strengthen member relationships by offering high quality, convenient and innovative channels through which members can transact business with your credit union.

  • Service members' security needs as SunCorp only accepts check requests configured to particular string requirements, from known servers. All information is transmitted at a 128-bit encryption level.

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