SimpliCD Rates *  

Apprx #     of Days

1 Month


2 Months 60  
3 Months 90  
6 Months 180  
9 Months 270  
1.0 Year 365  
1.5 Years 546  
2.0 Years 730  
3.0 Years 1095  
5.0 Years 1827  

All offerings are indications only; call SunCorp for current rates.
*Limited amounts; call for availability.The custodian for SimpliCD is Primary Financial Company LLC.

SimpliCD makes investing in federally insured CDs simple. This certificate of deposit program enables you to easily invest substantial funds into federally insured CDs, and combines the security of CD investing with the advantages of competitive rates and consolidated reporting.

SimpliCD is a convenient way to maximize your return with minimum effort. You’ll achieve higher yields than alternative investments without the hassle, time and expense of investigating potential issuers and purchasing the CDs yourself.

Rates posted are indications only and include the top available for each category. Actual rates will vary based on the amount of a member's existing CD holdings and may be higher or lower than the above rates. To receive actual rates, please call the SunCorp Capital Markets Group. The custodian for SimpliCD is Primary Financial Company, LLC, a credit union service organization (CUSO) owned jointly by corporate credit unions throughout the United States.

Certificate Details
  • All rates are indications. Actual rate is set at the time of purchase.
  • All quotes are based on $100k purchase. Different amounts and terms are available to meet your needs.
  • Cut-off time for SimpliCD purchase is 12:00 p.m. MT for same day settlement.
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